What Amazon Wants Is How We Should Plan

In its request for proposals for its second headquarters, Amazon said it’s looking for a metro area with at least 1 million residents, proximity to an international airport, mass transit, quality higher education, an educated workforce, a business-friendly environment and amenities that give it “the potential to attract and retain strong technical talent.”

Now Amazon is set to pick the area sometime in 2018, so no policies that I would try to get passed would be applicable. However, I do feel it is important to see what a company that is planning to create around 50,000 jobs is looking for so we can make sure our policy matches their goals. If we are to want to land other opportunities such as these, then likely those future companies will be looking for similar things. So let’s go through what policy might look like for some of these.

  • Mass transit – Many of our larger cities rank as some of the worst cities for mass transit. From a state legislative perspective, providing these cities with sufficient backing for these projects will benefit us all.
  • Educated workforce – The key to an educated workforce is to have great public schools. Ensuring that we are staying competitive on teacher pay so that we are attracting top talent is vital to our school’s success.
  • Amenities to attract talent – Tech companies want fast internet. Our current government regulations stifle competition. The more competition we have, the better service we will have.

These are just a few things we could be doing with our legislation instead of trying to find ways to twist the system to hold on to power as the party currently in power has. If elected, these are the types of policies you could expect to see happen.

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