Why I Am Running

I have chosen to run because I feel that I have a unique political view that will translate into being a great representative for District 35. I have been on both sides of the political spectrum and so that allows me to understand fully where the other side is coming from. I don’t feel that either side has a monopoly on great ideas and my policy will represent what I feel is the most common sense approach. Our politics have grown so polar that we tune the other side out now. Social media amplifies every voice and we surround ourselves in an echo chamber. We no longer have rational conversations and any talk of compromise is viewed as being weak. That is not the principles that our country was founded on and it is time that we get back to a sense of normality. Our democracy depends on it!

Another reason I am running is that I am tired of reading a national news source and seeing how our General Assembly has instituted a policy that embarrasses us on the national stage. Bills such as HB2 have no helpful agenda for us North Carolinians and only seek to divide us. We need to return our General Assembly back to agenda that seeks to raise North Carolinians up and solve our actual issues – not made up issues that are only created for political gains.


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